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Pinzle is a publishing company and art agency in Korea which launched the art subscription service for the first time in the world. By applying the IP licensing method, Pinzle is not only changing the conventional art market which has been retained by a simple distributing system but also creating a new culture in which more artworks can be created and consumed.
Pinzle is a German-based word which means "style". Just as a person’s facial look reveals his/her life, the style of artists also reveals their experience and philosophy. So, Pinzle publishes a magazine and a large artwork print featuring artists’ unique style every month to deliver their life and philosophy.
Pinzle's mission is to constantly find great artists and artworks, and deliver them in an easier way that anyone can experience. Add an experience of art to your everyday life through magazine subscription and art shop.
By Connecting the world’s artists with the Korean art market, and making linkages between Korean artists and the global art market, Pinzle is also growing into a global publishing company & art agency that expands the experience of art into daily life. Pinzle is looking forward to working with artists who need an agency, and business partners who want to change the art market with art content.


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